Contact can be made by email at proxygene.(enquiries@antispamproxygene.co.uk- just remove the antispam). Our reports are tailored to client requirements which generally need discussing before purchase. For example, a mare report would differ if an early two year old were desired rather than a later maturing horse, or one intended to join a broodmare band after racing.

Prices for our two most common reports are:

£50+VAT for a broodmare analysis and

£25+VAT for a printout of final Proxygene ratings of 2015 (sires and broodmare sires) with Proxygene sire ratings 1983-2015.

All reports are available in Excel or PDF format.

Other prices are available on request.


Like any system Proxygene will have its limitations. Being a statistical analysis it is a guide of what has been tried before. In stallion selection it pays no attention to physical compatibilty with a mare, or commercial appeal, unless this has been earned by racecourse performance. Luck has its role to play as there is no certainty in the shuffling of genes. Two full brothers can be totally different to each other, in theory they could have no common genetic material at all.

Breeding racehorses is in effect a fascinating gamble. Like any wagering system, to tilt the odds in a favourable direction can be the difference between profit and loss. Proxygene can help improve the selectivity of such risk, and while not guaranteeing success may be able to reduce the failure rate.

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