Uses for Proxygene

Stallion support

Stallion turnover has become so rapid that without early success, many stallions careers are over almost before they have started. By identifying compatible crosses and hidden broodmare talent, stallion owners may be able to improve the chances of breeding better racehorses sooner.

Choice of Stallion

Mare owners may choose a stallion for various reasons with the intention of producing a superior racehorse or a profitable foal. Matching or complementing a mare's physical characteristics may improve chances and for commercial breeders a marketable product must be the aim. In the longer term however, successful offspring provide the greatest boost to any mare or enterprise. Proxygene can help in two ways, one to reduce the risk of a poor outcome, while two, increasing the chance of a good one.

Sales selection

In the production of champion racehorses, the maxim 'put the best to the best and hope for the best' is often used. Many of us have to settle for less than the best as a starting point. Proxygene may help us identify overlooked individuals of potential. If a mare is mated to a good but incompatible stallion, the ability of the offspring may be open to question, however, the genetic quality may be obscured. This can be used to purchase a yearling of good potential more cheaply if it follows less suitable matchings. Similarly, not all good broodmares were good racemares. Identifying those where talent was hidden can prove profitable.

Broodmare improvement

The quality of a broodmare band can be improved with the assistance of proxygene. Sourcing better broodmare prospects at sales, while culling individuals of lesser potential can be accomplished. For owner breeders, sending mares to proven or potentially successful broodmare sires will also help. The best way to improve a mare is to boost the quality of her own produce on the racecourse.

Identifying hidden talent

The majority of sires are disappointments at stud for various reasons, such as wrong pricing, unsuitable location or unrealistic expectation. Some of these stallions may go on to make decent broodmare sires, which if spotted early in that role may represent good value for money.

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